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The majority of the content and services on the site are offered in French and English. This site, is an information site that is addressed to both customers of the company CREATEX, as well as non-clients.Some of these products and services are likely to be reserved for customers domiciled in the French territory. The user is informed that the use of the Internet does not guarantee the secrecy of the correspondence; it is up to him to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or tools.

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The content made available on this site is provided for information purposes and is subject to change without notice. CREATEX, the site’s publisher, makes every effort to provide users with quality information and/or tools, but shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from the access or use of this Site. Despite all the care taken, a number of risks are inherent in the electronic transmission of information: delays, omissions or inaccuracies are likely to occur. Therefore, CREATEX cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information on this site and cannot be held responsible for any errors, a lack of availability of information and updates, inaccuracies and/or the presence of a virus when accessing this site.

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Requests for information preceded by the mention (*) are mandatory; otherwise, the expectations of Internet users could not be met.

Internet users have, depending on the case, a right of access, opposition for legitimate reasons or commercial prospecting as well as rectification, supplement, update, Locking and deleting inaccurate or incomplete data by writing to CREATEX SARL – 34 Avenue des Tamaris, 13600 La Ciotat.

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This site must be seen as an inseparable whole.This website and all the elements contained therein (information, data, text, sounds, images, drawings, graphics, distinctive signs, logos, trademarks, etc.) are the exclusive property of CREATEX or its partners. All of these elements are subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code and, as such, are protected from unauthorized use by law or these Terms of Use.The reproduction of these elements is authorized only for information purposes and/or copies or reproductions intended for strictly private and personal use.

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It is strictly forbidden to reproduce them (in whole or in part), to transmit them (electronically or otherwise) and to modify them. It is also prohibited to use CREATEX’s website for public or commercial purposes without the prior written permission of CREATEX.

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The establishment of hypertext links on this site to other resources present on the Internet does not constitute a validation of these resources or their content and cannot engage the responsibility of the company CREATEX, publisher of this site. Any hyperlink to this site must be expressly and in advance authorised by CREATEX, which reserves the right to have this link removed at any time.

Responsible for processing and purposes

The personal data collected in the framework of this site are collected by the company CREATEX publisher of the site, in its capacity as controller and will be used for the following purposes processing the request for information, compiling statistics, carrying out prospecting actions.

Internet users have, depending on the case, a right of access, opposition for legitimate reasons or commercial prospecting as well as rectification, supplement, update, Locking and deleting inaccurate or incomplete data by writing to CREATEX SARL – 34 Avenue des Tamaris, 13600 La Ciotat.

Data use and collection features

You do not have to answer all or part of the questions that are put to you. The mandatory nature of the communication of information is indicated by the presence of an asterisk.

How to exercise your rights

You can, at any time, in accordance with the law, oppose the processing of the information concerning you, access it, have it corrected, by sending an email to the webmaster. You may, at any time, oppose the disclosure of your data to third parties or their use by the data controller, for commercial purposes, under the above conditions.

Use of your data for prospecting purposes

In accordance with the applicable regulations, any prospecting by call machine, e-mail or fax, as well as any transfer or rental of data for prospecting purposes using these means, will only be carried out with the prior consent of the user concerned to receive prospecting via this channel or/and to the transfer of its data. If you agree to receive such prospecting messages by checking the acceptance boxes provided for this purpose on this site, you will be able at any time to reconsider this consent, and in particular each of the prospecting e-mails will offer you the possibility to oppose for the future the sending of new prospecting e-mails.

Any prospecting by mail or telephone without a call machine can only be carried out after having enabled the user concerned to oppose it before the final validation of his answers (when collecting his postal and telephone details). If you do not object to receiving such prospecting messages by checking or unchecking the boxes provided for this purpose on this site, it will be possible subsequently, at any time and without charge, to exercise your right of objection, under the conditions defined in the paragraph "Terms for exercising your rights".


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You have 14 working days from the day after receipt of your order to inform us of your wish to withdraw, without justification or payment of penalties on your part. The product must be in perfect condition of resale to make a refund, otherwise CREATEX will not be able to refund the order in question. To inform us of your wish to withdraw you can send us, registered with acknowledgement of receipt, the form below or a free, unambiguous statement on paper expressing your desire to retract your request to the following address: CREATEX SARL 34, Avenue des Tamaris 13600 La Ciotat.

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